Leon Schröder Fotostudio


Conceived, organized and shot with only 1 model

For a while I had the idea to build my own set in the studio. Just from scratch to a believable living room, dining room or bedroom. The goal was to show that I can come up with and build a good set myself.
(In the time-lapse videos below, you can see me in action as I build.)

Next, I wanted to show that I control the light. Here’s the combination of flash and ambient light. After all, that’s the essence of photography. And as a third aspect, I wanted to demonstrate my skills in digital photo editing, by doing everything with only 1 model! So this woman is in the picture 4 times.

In these sessions I did have the advantage that it is nice to work with Malou, my model. She knew exactly where I wanted to go and immediately felt the poses well.

Dinner ©Leon Schroder
Jungle ©Leon Schroder
Jungle setup with Malou
Sixties ©Leon Schroder
Sixties setup with Malou
Seventies ©Leon Schroder
Seventies setup with Maloou

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I send my photos to an award-winning photo lab. There they are processed with the utmost care into a beautiful object for your wall.

Tipa award ©Leon Schroder
Dinner shoot with Malou
Setup of the Dinner shoot
Sixties shoot with Malou
Seventies shoot with Malou
Setup of the Seventies shoot with Malou
Jungle shoot with Malou
Setup of the Jungle shoot with Malou