Leon Schröder Fotostudio


The body reduced to form.

The human body in an image is usually very recognizable. We are programmed to recognize ‘the human being’ in shapes and images around us.

By isolating part of the body and emphasizing lines and removing color from the image through the placement of light, I create a more abstract representation of the body with the goal of reducing the body to form or even just lines.

In the first series of photographs of this theme, the curves are still clearly recognizable as part of the body.

In the next series, the shapes are even more isolated and therefore more abstract.

For the time being, I opt for diffuse light to give the shadows that arise a gradual gradient (to light).

curves ©Leon Schroder
40 x 60 cm - white gallery frame with gap
© Leon Schroder Curves
© Leon Schroder
© Leon Schroder

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Tipa award ©Leon Schroder