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Naked The Hague Book

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330 Portraits, nude and clothed, of ‘ordinary’ people. Vulnerable nakedness against perfection.
The texts in the book describe the motivation of the participants in the project.

Voorwoord: Em. Professor of Psychology Prof. Liesbeth Woertman, known for her books ‘Wie ben ik als niemand kijkt?’ and ‘Je bent al mooi.’


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Celebrity fotograaf William Rutten writes: “For years Naked Rotterdam is on a table in my studio and it is eagerly read by everyone who passes by. First the curiosity and then comes that connecting message, because with clothes on people distinguish themselves and when we are naked we turn out to be pretty much the same….. Nudity has become such a taboo, and why? This new prudishness leaves less and less room for art forms that are so important, and the Naked series is an example of this. Leon Schröder has created something sublime with Naked Rotterdam, and that deserves a successor!”

We live in a society where the media show us a distorted image of reality on a daily basis and present us with an unrealistic ideal of beauty.

With the photo project Naked The Hague, photographer Leon Schröder hopes to restore an appreciation for natural beauty. Naked The Hague shows 250 ordinary bodies, naked and clothed, and challenges us to a conversation about body image.

Professor of psychology Liesbeth Woertman, who obtained her PhD on the subject of ‘body image’ and author of, among other things, ‘Je bent al mooi’, supports Naked The Hague and writes:

“We often feel intimidated by all those edited images on Instagram that we see through advertisements. Perfection on screen is possible, but not in reality. We have moved so far away from the ordinary that it has become extraordinary.

This book is a call to get out of our judgmental heads and really see. We’re already beautiful. Let’s become braver and really show ourselves and each other how we are doing, without judgment, with compassion. Enjoy these wonderful people.”

Naked The Hague is the sequel to the successful ‘Naked Rotterdam – A Tribute to Greg Friedler’ that Schröder published in May 2017 as part of his Master’s degree in Photography. Friedler startte zijn ‘Naked’ serie met Naked New York. He took his own life in 2015. Friedler’s father and brother came to the Netherlands in 2017 to receive the first copy of Naked Rotterdam

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