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fast delivery (book)
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Dear Leon, thank you for the very fast delivery and the nice, empathic contact. I didn´t expect to get my copy of the book two days after my order. You and your participants did a great work, That book, like Naked Rotterdam, is a perfect example for Body Positivity, all humans are beautiful, no matter the age, height, size, style etc. I have the impression, that the participants look more confident without their clothes. No matter the profession, designer, manager, secretary, actor, singer, we are all the same. Keep this work going, can´t wait for your next book, if you have any plans. Regards
Monique B.
Monique B.
body image
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Thank you for your mail and for sending it quickly. I received the books the very next day. Totally awesome! I must confess that I am not familiar with the world of photography (sorry) and that I saw a reference in a book by Liesbeth Woertman, which rather impulsively encouraged me to buy your books sight unseen. I haven't regretted it for a moment... What wonderful books you have made. Thank you for that. Incredibly beautifully done. Such a complex subject, for me then.... and so powerfully put down in all its simplicity. Wonderful. Thank you for the positive vibe by making the ordinary special again, or vice versa, that's also possible.
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